Job Placement throughout New Hampshire

We want to find you a job or find you an employee!  See our jobs page where jobs are updated daily!

Businesses looking for workers

If you’re in search of new employees, whether it’s 1 or 100, but don’t have the time or budget to advertise, read resumes and review applications, conduct interviews, perform competency testing and check references, then you need our services.  As an employment agency, we do all this and more.  And because Allstaff doesn’t have the constraints of many franchises we offer extremely competitive rates.

Types of Employment Available


We can offer persons on a temp-to-perm basis.  These situations usually involve contractual arrangements that allow you to evaluate employees for permanent hire, without being locked into a long term employment relationship.

Permanent Placement

We can provide persons for permanent placement.  These are situations where you may have a hard to fill position that requires a permanent candidate.  These placements work on a finders fee basis. 

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Individuals Looking for Employment

Whether you are currently seeking employment or just looking for a position in which to better your career opportunities, Allstaff is the place for you.  

We can provide you with job opportunities for:

  • Temp to Perm
  • Permanent

In order for us to assist you in your search for employment, we need to get to know you, your qualifications and your experience.  To start this process, send us a resume with a brief explanation of the positions you hope to find.  

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